Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pigeon Cay to Orange Creek, Cat Island, Bahamas

March 23, '09

These abandoned homes are common on Ca
t Island. For every new home, there is an old one for it's previous occupant to reside in after leaving this world.

Our private anchorage in front of the Pigeon Cay Club on the west side of Cat Island.

It's very easy to hitch hike on Cat Island. As long a car came by, we had a ride. We did walk from Orange Creek to Arthurs Town. NO cars came by.

Orange Creek (north end of Cat Island)

Here are photos of the "North End Liquor Store" and the north end gas station.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Little San Salvado to Davis Harbour

March 20
Happy Spring

Had a great sail from Cat I to Little San Salvador, or more recently known as "Half Moon Cay".

The new name was declared by the new owners who bring mega cruise ships to the island for fun in the sun. The locals who work there are from Eluethera and report 3-4 thousand people come ashore from the cruise ships when they are in port.
Otherwise the island is deserted, except for a caretaker or two. As we sailed up with our friends on S/V Rachel, the cruise ship was making ready to depart.

The next day, Rachel and Midwatch had the island to ourselves .

A few days later, we sailed from Little San Salvador to Davis Harbour Marina, a wonderful marina with inexpensive water, laundry and slips.

A few sport fish are in and out each day catching plenty of Mahi. Luckily for us, our dock neighbor, Sally was generous with her fish. We have enough for about four days, and good thing since catching our bar jack a few days ago, we're catching nothing but cudas!

Today we sailed the 40 miles back to Cat Island and are anchored at Pigeon Cay just north of Bluff.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cat Island, Bahamas


Great day hitchiking to a Race Day at local High School, then over to Hazel Brown Seaside Bar for dominoes and Kalicks. Hey, it was the weekend!